George Farah

Director of Operations, Shinrai

George Farah is an Associate and Controller at Wall Street Share, a boutique venture capital firm in Midtown Manhattan. After years of academic scientific research related to the neuro-biochemical changes in the brain following traumatic brain injury, he pivoted into business. Applying his knowledge of science and scientific research into the venture capital world, George advises investments in the life sciences and bio-technology spaces through extensive due diligence, financial modelling, and comprehension of scientific concepts and articles. With the establishment and operation of his bookkeeping business since 2016, George combined his experience of bookkeeping and accounting to become the Controller of Wall Street Share in the beginning of 2018 as well as consulting with many of Wall Street Share’s portfolio companies as a controller. He handles all the finances of the firm, including accounts receivable/payable, payroll, benefits, reconciliation, internal audits, and investor relations. George will now be head of operations and finance for a new enterprise artificial intelligence services start-up called Shinrai. Born out of a necessity to service enterprise customers seeking custom artificial intelligence solutions, Shinrai generates operational alpha for enterprise clients who are sitting on mountains of valuable unstructured data but do not realize its potential. In his spare time, George enjoys road trips, cooking, skiing, and being a die-hard New England sports fan.

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